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We can step-in at different phases depending on your projects’ maturity

Nowadays, all new technologies improving user experience meet their public sooner or later. Blockchain is no exception and provides multiple opportunities, both for companies or end users.

Blockchain technologies give back control to users as well as transparency, hence improving the customer’s experience. This is why we have created an international, agnostic and pragmatic offer for companies willing capitalise on blockchain technologies.


We provide support in identifying the impacts of blockchain technologies on your business. Upon auditing your internal processes and through co-creation workshops involving blockchain experts and service designers, we identify together the opportunities and threats to your activity.

Our pragmatic approach will allow us to measure the added value brought by blockchain technologies to identified concepts.


Once one or more scenario have been selected, we can develop together a proof of concept that will enable us to confirm whether the identified solutions are faisible and technically relevant to your business, while controlling costs.

We will first define together validation criterias and then iterate on the development until validation or rejection of the idea.


By leveraging our digital transformation expertise, we offer to industrialize your project in order to deliver it to your business teams and integrate it within your digital ecosystem.

Our technologically agnostic approach will allow us to adapt to your technical and functional constraints.

An integrated offer

Partnering with Havas Blockchain, we provide our customers a fully integrated offer: strategic, governance and technological consulting; development; and communication.