Our group

Our group

Ekino is a consulting and digital deployment group. 600 passionate people are at your disposal to learn about your business, your organization, and your challenges. Our teams bring together experts in each of the following fields: consulting, data, design, engineering, development, UX, etc. It is from this holistic approach, where each discipline brings its value, that we successfully carry out projects. We were pioneers of this organic model some 10 years ago. This has allowed us to build a solid foundation, whether in terms of culture, methods, or values.

We pride ourselves on our different areas of expertise and making each one directly and independently accessible. In life, sometimes you need all the trades, well-coordinated with one another, to be able to build a house; while other times, all you really need is the one electrician to come in for a small repair.


Ekino U is YOU, the client, the learner, and WE, the pedagogical team, together in a constructive UNION of training programs designed to develop the skills of your teams and create lasting value for your company. Ekino U is a training organization registered with the Prefecture of the Île-de-France region. All the training courses offered are eligible for the “Formation Professionelle Continue.” They can be delivered collectively or individually and paid for by your OPCO.
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Ekino Inside

Ekino Inside is an agency that offers you profiles in technical assistance in situ. Our mission is to reinforce your teams to ensure the success of your projects. Thanks to the richness of our profiles, we bring you expertise in operational consulting (methodology, project management, tender management…), technical consulting (architecture, development, DevOps…), and in design (UX/UI). Selected and trained by ekino, our experts share the same DNA of excellence, commitment, and transmission.The strength of ekino inside is that we can offer you specialists who are used to working with different professions. This facilitates the work of hybrid teams, and therefore, your projects.
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Ekino solutions

Ekino Solutions was created in 2018 to complement ekino’s custom offer with off-the-shelf market solutions with the aim of reconciling your marketing and technical challenges. Our team anticipates the challenges of the trade and business, with a strong consulting capacity, to bring solutions to future needs. We design sustainable user-centric e-commerce and marketing solutions to support our clients in managing change.
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MFG Labs

MFG Labs is a consulting and implementation company with expertise in data and artificial intelligence. We help you improve your decision-making, automate your processes and create new services through the application of data science, design, and advanced technologies. We will guide you through all stages of your data or AI transformation.
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