Our expertises

Our expertises

At ekino, we gather 600 passionate people who are ready to hear you out and learn about your organization and challenges. We know that the success of our collaborations will depend on the quality of the teams assembled, their ability to communicate, collaborate and understand each other. We pioneered this organic model over 10 years ago. This has allowed us to build a solid common base, whether that be in terms of culture, methods, or values.

The high level of expertise among our people is also a key factor of success. Our experts are first-class specialists in their field. By way of example, ekino’s architects have an average of 10 years of experience. This is a guarantee of a mature vision and sharp expertise in their field.

Our specialists pass on their knowledge throughout the projects they carry out, but also via our training organization: ekino U, designed to assist your teams in the development of their skills in order to create sustainable value for your company.Besides the expertise mentioned, at ekino solutions, we develop long-term user-centric marketing and e-commerce solutions designed to support you in your change management processes. Thanks to the synergy of our consulting, design, technical, and data experts, we can reconcile your marketing, e-commerce, and technical challenges.


We help our clients to transform themselves by drafting their digital roadmap, rethinking their processes, their working methods, and aligning IT strategy with business strategy while leveraging new technologies.

Digital strategy and roadmap
Operational efficiency
Organizational agility
Technology consulting
New business models
Training and education

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Data for Digital

We put data at the disposal of your digital transformation, to provide you with a precise vision of your digital assets’ performance, and to achieve continuous optimization in order to reach your objectives, facilitate decision-making, analysis, and understanding of trends.

Digital asset performance measurement
Conversion rate optimization
Data visualization

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Customer Experience & Service Design

We assist our clients in defining customer experience strategies and systems adapted to their organization for maximum impact, drawing on cognitive science and ethnology to understand end-user behaviors and motivations, and combining our expertise in design and data to explore the human/algorithm relationship.

Experience strategy
User research
Adoption design
UX/UI Design
Data design
Design Ops

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For over 10 years, we have been accompanying our clients to achieve their strategic objectives by creating and implementing innovative solutions in a pragmatic way and independently of the chosen technologies.

Artificial intelligence
Augmented / virtual reality
Internet of Things
Man-machine relationships

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IT Solutions

We support companies in deploying new digital services and upgrading the use of existing ones. We help them make the most of the technical and partner ecosystem: integration with the IS, architecture and implementation of APIs, migration to the cloud, leveling of frameworks and programming languages. With improved quality and industrialized deployments, we render your business agility.

Digital platforms
Digital IS
Data foundations

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