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Responsive web application

Responsive web application

With Renault Shop, your vehicle is immediately available, and with the best conditions!
Service Delivery Platform

Service Delivery Platform

Digiposte, the digital safe to receive, file and share documents.
Web Experience Management

Web Experience Management

Showcase the best of your offer on every channel.
Application mobile
Mobile application

Mobile application

WeCab, G7’s taxi booking service.
Events & Kiosks

Events & Kiosks

A digital and touchscreen model show for a lingerie exhibition in Paris.
Plateforme e-commerce

E-commerce platform

The entire range of a telecom operator accessible online with unified sales tools.
Small & big data

Small & big data

Monitor and optimize your digital projects thanks to data.
Renault Shop

Renault Shop

Renaultshop.fr is a second-hand car sales service provided by the Renault group. The redesigned website is entirely responsive and offers a simple and effective experience, in harmony with current uses and user consulting conditions. The application contains a free text research field interfaced with a faceted search engine. Thereby, clients can browse all the vehicles in stock in he whole Renault network at glance.

Thanks to the use of frameworks such as AngularJS or ElasticSearch, and to the implementation of a solid architecture, the website’s maintenance time decreased. Renault Shop’s architecture was then re-used for a second-hand car sales platform, therefore proving its great scalability.

To address the issue of the SEO referencing of the new "one page websites" & single page applications, ekino deployed GhostWriterJS. This tool makes it possible to generate pages accessible only by the Google Robots hence optimizing the website’s natural referencing.

RenaultShop by ekino, it’s +98% users, +97% pages seen, 50% of mobile and tablet users, an average session lasting 8 minutes and a SEO traffic increased by 27%. In the end, the number of leads of Renault Shop increased by 198% thus demonstrating the relevance of automobile e-commerce platforms.

UX / Java / RIA / Devops

Passionata’s "Play With Me"

Passionata wanted to find a creative and innovative alternative to showcase its new collection to the Lingerie exhibition. During this event, the brand likes to differentiate itself from its competitors, especially through its singular but eagerly awaited "Passionata Show". For this edition, the Lingerie brand called on the FullSix group to create a different event, break the codes and propose a new experience to visitors.

The agency imagined a 2.5m tactile and digital model, encouraging users to interact with it. Thanks to tactile technologies, users could play with the model and progressively undress her to discover Passionata’s most beautiful creations and the new collection through the digital screen.

This device named "Play With Me", realised by ekino, is reproducible on iPad, Desktop, and on touchscreens. It could be used for all the media used by the brand.

Interactives videos, showrooming, event
Product pages

Renault’s product pages

Product pages are the description of all new vehicles and thus are the showcase of the Renault range on the internet. Today, user-friendliness, design and product plans’ accessibility are key factors affecting the business performance of the Renault group.

To address Renault’s needs, ekino developed a modern and playful single page application on which the content is optimized according to the terminal that is used. The solution was deployed in 28 countries and for tens of vehicles while taking into account the brand’s coherence. Thanks to our expertise in HTML5 technologies and our agile consulting approach, Ekino’s experts and consultants made possible the implementation of this innovative solution in one of the most demanding sectors.

CMS / HTML5 / Responsive Web Design
We Cab

WECAB by Taxis G7

Ekino works along with Voyage & Business, a subsidiary of the G7 group, to create the WebCab service. This new service allows users to book shared taxi rides from and towards Paris Airports. Following the success of this service, G7 decided to expand the experience through a privatised channel and the publication of promotional codes.

Since then, the WeCab service keeps evolving : development of an API for partners, deployment of an iOS application. The service is also providing new destinations such as train stations. The mobile application integrates the website’s existing journeys in addition to all the specific features resulting from the notion of mobility.

Service, m-commerce, hybrid application, API


Ekino has been working along with La Poste Group to develop Digiposte, a digital safe service. As an individual, Digiposte allows you to file and automatically retrieve your personal documents (bank statements, pay slips, bills…). It also enables customers to use them while initiating administrative procedures. For companies, it is an opportunity to dematerialize documents, and thus save money.

In a highly competitive market, La Poste group was in need of a solution that could rapidly evolve. Ekino thus redesigned the existing platform and used the best DevOps practices in order for the Digiposte service to handle these recurring evolutions.

The platform went through a complete transformation: a PHP/Java/AngularJS hybrid architecture, the separation of asynchronous and batch transfers, automatization and DevOps industrialisation, a redesigned data model and the development of APIs. The storage of documents in ensured by Cecurity, a third party dematerialisation software.

Today, Digiposte handles more than 20 million documents, is used by 1.5 million users, and is also accessible through mobile applications (iOS and Android).

Digital Services, API, Hybrid architecture, DevOps
Omnicanal Commerce

Omnicanal Commerce

ekino works along with a French telecom operator since 2007 on its B2B & B2C e-commerce platforms. After the optimisation of the customer journey, client loyalty services were also added to the platform (mobile or plan change). Ekino also created an ad hoc catalogue integrating the specificities of mobile offers. The open architecture and the APIs then facilitated the implementation of a unified customer journey on every channel.

The complex information system of our client was finely integrated and orchestrated in such a way as to offer the optimal user experience : customer knowledge/CRM, eligibility to offers, the different catalogues, the order and logistics management, etc.

By relying on the success of this architecture, and thanks to a UX approach involving different agents, all the company’s sales tools were redesigned in order to enhance user experience on the whole client’s lifecycle.

Today, our client has a solid architecture enabling him to rapidly release new offers on all his sales channels.

e-commerce / multichannel / Java / UX
Renault Shop

Data crunch

From collecting to storing and even displaying the data, Data Crunch provides the essential data products to monitor and optimize digital solutions.

Data crunch provides solutions adapted to collect large volumes of behavioral, declarative or transactional data: analytics and tag management solutions, data lake implementation…

The data visualization dashboards and reports provide a simplified reading of the data. They are the cornerstone of the analysis and the optimisation of digital activities.

From the optimisation of your technical performance to the enhancement of your customer journeys and even the customisation of your support, ekino’s experts and Datacrunch will assist you.

Datacrunch has already been adopted by major actors : Renault, SFR, Digiposte, SNCF and Taxi G7.

Big Data / Dashboard / Datalake / Analytics
I work along with ekino on the development of sales tools (online store, point of sales and customer care) for 2 years now.
The result is very positive! All important deadlines were respected with a high-quality of service that made it possible to go through peaks in sales without any crisis.

Vincent P.

Responsible for e-business development
French Telecom Operator

…using innovative tools, technologies and methodologies

Service Design / UX, AngularJS, Symphony, HTML5, CSS3, Hadoop, Mobile, iOs, Android, Jenkins, Java, Spring, Puppet, Lean / Prototyping, , Grunt, Bower, NodeJS, Scrum, MongoDB

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