The objective – To improve the customer experience in different markets

Our client is a leading website for employment and training on the Internet in France. Leader in the high-end and new-build segments, our client differentiates itself through innovation and notably 3D. Faced with an increasingly demanding user base, it has placed the customer experience at the heart of its strategy in the various real-estate markets (generalist, high-end, new build, etc.).

  • 1

    Seminar to raise awareness of the Service Design approach among group management (multi-brand)

  • 2

    Real estate group brands completely redesigned

  • +25%

    Increase in sales

  • 31

    Ideas emerged for services and functionalities

The challenges – How to differentiate in an ultra-competitive context?

Faced with players who are increasingly focused on aligning their services with the new customer uses looking for a property, our client had to provide a service and business vision to make contact with end-users and differentiate itself from the competition, all in an omnichannel B2B and B2C context. It was also essential to instil Service Design in the Group’s various real estate brands’ managers.

Our solution -A collaborative approach to align visions

Through user studies, a service design seminar, strategic positioning & ideation workshops, co-design workshops, and the client’s internal teams’ involvement, we identified personas by brand. We then defined associated omnichannel journeys for a global experiential, service, and business consideration of the customer experience.

The results – A boom in turnover and a rapprochement of the teams

Through the definition and materialisation of the concept of the construction and purchase of a property, new offers have emerged, allowing an increase of 25% in turnover in 2018.  The workshops set up have also brought together the B2B & B2C, innovation (Lab) & internal development teams to build new “end-to-end” offers.


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