Aude Planchamp

Front-end engineer, ekino Paris

While pursuing her studies towards an engineering degree in telecommunications, Aude eventually specialised in web development and joined the team of front-end developers at Ekino upon graduation in 2016.

She had the opportunity to work on various projects with a wide range of clients: a (mobile) webmail for La Poste, a business application for the management of real estate for Nexity, a back-office for the management of insurance products for AXA and finally the web interface of the latest Canal+ tv-box decoder. 

At Ekino, we believe that a developer can only be truly expert in one domain (while having a good understanding of the concepts at the periphery of his domain). As such, Aude is committed to bringing her expertise across the range of front-end technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, the React framework and the libraries that revolve around it.