Drupal and Symfony2. Don’t wait for Drupal8.

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EkinoDrupalBundle, a bundle to mix Symfony2 and Drupal7

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Drupal and Symfony2. Don’t wait for Drupal8.
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Fabrice from Theodo has done a very good talk on the Symfony live about giving good perspectives on Drupal 8 integration into Symfony2. Guess what? Ekino has already done the job for the latest stable version of Drupal: version 7. Let us update you on our project: EkinoDrupalBundle.

Does it work? Yes, it has been implemented in production for over a year and proved to match our customer needs!

One recurrent question we get about this implementation is « why mix Symfony-Drupal? ». The answer is quite simple, « use the right tools for the right job! » (i.e., user’s requirements).

Drupal is out-of-the box a full featured CMS solution, handling contents with success and provides a lot of modules. However, Drupal is a well reknown content management solution but when it comes to specific business needs… You are stuck! So you need a rational stack to build up. Symfony2 has been used as foundations to major solutions : ezPublish, phpBB, Drupal 8, etc.

For these reasons, Symfony2 and Drupal7 can be a real deal breaker ~ flexible contents management and business problems solving:

  • communication with external web services,
  • shopping solution integration,
  • data synchronization,
  • etc …

Of course in the end it is raw PHP, but Symfony2 does the job by respecting quality and established rules.

The integration works both ways, Symfony2 integrated into Drupal and Drupal integrated into Symfony2. So inside Drupal, you can access to the Symfony container through the symfony_service function and you can access to a Drupal object in Symfony with the service ‘ekino.drupal‘.

Learn more and fork on github! Want to know more about this integration, contact us!

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  1. Ju

    Interesting. Very. Do you have any examples of websites made this way?

    1. Thomas Rabaix

      Thomas Rabaix


      We are going to publish a specific use case explaining how we mixed Drupal and Symfony2. Thanks for your patience.

  2. Kruno Knego


    I’ve just read your blog post Don’t wait for Drupal 8. I have a project and I’m planning on developing it via Drupal 8 beta-2. Is it possible to use your EkinoDrupalBundle for easier integration with Syfmony2 or should I just rely on Symfony2 Event Dispatcher component.

    Best regards,

    1. Thomas Rabaix

      domain like


      The bundle has been tested on Drupal 8, and there is no chance to work due to the major refactoring of the new Drupal version.

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