Sergio Léma

Java Engineer, ekino Paris

After spending his childhood opening all the "little electronic boxes" he could get his hands on, Sergio naturally started studying electronic engineering. He started his career working as an engineer for a company specialized in vehicle safety, where he spent four years exploring the world of Java alongside experienced engineers. In 2012, he joined Weekendesk, which allowed him to deepen his knowledge of Java by working on libraries, frameworks, advanced architectures and production issues. It was also at this time that he became familiar with the Devops world (Dockers, Amazon, Python etc). 

Seduced by ekino's philosophy, the quality of the projects carried out and the continuous learning environment, Sergio decided to join the Group in 2016 where he discovered a "well of knowledge" as he describes it. Lead Dev on international projects, he now has 8 years of experience ranging from implementing specifications with frontend frameworks (Backbone, React), to setting up Cloud infrastructures on AWS. Today, he focuses primarily on Java optimization (resources, response time…).